Bespoke Trips

Bespoke Trips

Bespoke trips with Alexandra to the former Russian Empire; riding horses in Kyrgyzstan, a ‘Tolstoy tour’ to Moscow and Yasnaya Polyana, and a cultural tour of Moscow and St Petersburg

Join Alexandra for the adventure of a lifetime, riding horses in the magnificent Tien Shan Mountains, home to the nomadic Kyrgyz people and some of the most beautiful and untouched scenery in the world. Or choose between a ’Tolstoy tour’, taking in the writer’s homes in Moscow and Tula Province, and a tour of Moscow and St Petersburg, carefully curated to include all the historical and cultural highlights of these romantic cities.

A unique experience

A relative of Leo Tolstoy and fluent Russian speaker, with decades of experience of living and traveling (much of it by horse!) all over the former Russian Empire, Alexandra can offer unrivalled access to this historically, culturally and geographically fascinating region. Bespoke trips can be commissioned to all destinations, including family trips to Sary Chelek Kyrgyzstan.


    Sary Chelek Reserve


    This ride takes place in Sary Chelek Reserve in the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Translated as ‘golden hollow’, Sary Chelek is considered a charmed land, and a destination that even the Kyrgyz dream of visiting.

    Nestled in the western Tien Shan Mountains, this magnificent nature reserve is home to seven mountain lakes, meadows of the most exquisite wildflowers and the largest walnut forest in the world. It is also home to the most wonderful people – Kyrgyz shepherds and their families who spend the winters in picturesque villages and the summers in yurts high up in the alpine pastures or jailoo. There is no more restful holiday; time spent doing something so invigorating and disconnected from the stresses of the modern world is invaluable – this slice of simplicity and proximity to nature is restoration for the soul.

Click here to read the well-known political commentator and journalist PJ O’Rourke’s amusing account of his riding trip to Kyrgyzstan with Alexandra for Forbes Magazine 



    A Tour of ‘Tolstoy’s Russia’

    Moscow and Yasnaya Polyana

    Join Alexandra, a relative of Leo Tolstoy, on a tour to the writer’s city and country homes, inspiration for many scenes in both ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Anna Karenina’. The trip also takes in the principal sites of Moscow. 

    Moscow is a huge, sprawling city, difficult to grasp in a weekend, so using one of Russia’s greatest writers as the prism through which to explore is also the ideal way to visit. Tolstoy spent twenty-two winters living and writing in his city home but to completely understand him, and Russian history, this tour also includes his country estate, Yasnaya Polyana. The houses, preserved as museums, are today exactly as they were in his life time and truly imbibed with his spirit. Moscow, perhaps contrary to expectations, is nowadays one of the world’s most glamorous and vibrant cities, boasting a young, energetic population. As well as being a great cultural and historical centre, the city has a very sophisticated restaurant scene, some of which will be explored on the trip!

“There is no better holiday in our eyes; time spent together doing something so invigorating and disconnected from the stresses of the modern world is invaluable… Life is complicated but these slices of simplicity and proximity to nature are restoration for the soul, and we look forward to sharing our precious experiences with others”


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